MD LFL is a Life Chapter of Lutherans for Life.

Lutherans for Life is a national organization committed to equipping Lutherans to be “Gospel motivated voices for life”. LFL is pro-life for the whole-life and exists to equip Lutherans to understand, speak out on, and help their neighbors who are wrestling with issues such as:

Fetal Development

Family Living
Christian Sexual Ethic
Birth Control
Post-abortion Healing
Domestic Abuse

Human Trafficking
Substance Addictions
Gambling Addiction
Depression/Suicide Prevention
End-of-Life Issues/Euthanisia

This Maryland chapter is the only Life Chapter of LFL in the state. In 2017 pastors and laypeople from Lutheran churches in Baltimore and surrounding counties gathered with the intent of starting a Life Chapter. The chapter launched the same year. Today MD LFL is committed to guiding Lutheran individuals and congregations within MD to be Gospel motivated voices for life.

MD LFL prays for the needs of the millions of people facing life and death decisions or the aftermath of such decisions; educates on on the value of life through presentations, meetings, rallies, and print and digital content; and supports people who are making or have made life or death decisions, pregnancy centers seeking to help women in need, and churches seeking to help those in their communities.

Please contact us to learn more about our chapter and how your congregation can become involved.