A Blessed Mother’s Day from MDLFL

We would like say thank you to all mothers for choosing to keep the gift of life that God gave to you. Being a mother is not always easy. As a mother you are called on to be caring and unbending, supportive and protective. You are called on to be present at many places at once. You are expected to know when to speak and when to be silent. You are to fight tooth and nail for your children while also letting them learn about the hardships of this life. Your task as a mother is beyond any human ability. Yet God has chosen you, and He helps you do the impossible. May our Lord fill you with the love that give you the impetus to live this life of endless sacrifice. May our Lord fill with an abiding joy as children are not always as kind, loving, and grateful as they ought to be. May our Lord give you an unwavering faith that knows that He daily and richly forgives your sins in the Church. As a mother you are serving our Lord in the highest way possible for it is through this same way that the Father Almighty brought salvation and life to this world through St. Mary, the Mother of our Lord and our God.

We would also like to especially remember all those mothers who are walking in the sorrowful way of the first mother Eve and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as they mourn for their own children, often taken in violence. May our Lord bless these mothers and draw them close to Himself. May He give them the hope of eternal life and may the find in the Church a family that death cannot destroy.

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